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DryMesh Anit-Moisture Layer - Damp prevention for boat bumks and bedding.

Marine Bedding DryMesh Anti-Moisture Layer

Marine Bedding is the owner of DryMesh™, a three dimensional woven polyester mesh, designed to reduce moisture under mattresses and cushions. Made from 100% non-absorbent white polyester, the unique 3D mesh allows air to freely circulate, eliminating condensation and mildew build up. Keep your bunks and bedding damp free with DryMesh™ Anti-Moisture Layer from Marine Bedding.

  • Excellent anti-moisture layer for ventilation under beds and mattresses
  • Damp free bunks and bedding
  • Increased air flow in all directions
  • Soft cushioning effect
  • High shock absorbtion
  • Long life product
  • Highly durable
  • Very light and tactile
  • Washable
  • Easy to fit
  • Aesthetically pleasing
DryMesh anti-moisture layer keeping your bunks damp free
DryMesh anti-moisture layer keeping your bunks damp free

DryMesh™ Applications

  • Yachts, motorboats and super yachts
  • In the marine environment for both leisure and commercial craft
  • Motorhomes, RV’s, caravans and horseboxes
  • Under mattress or cushions to reduce moisture build up
  • Above water or fuel tanks or where condensation is caused

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Order DryMesh anti-moisture layer, keeping your bunks damp free
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